Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Party Pieces - Dolly July 1982

After a hiatus, here's a new post to signal more regular posts from here on in!  This spread is soo up my alley - I mean knicker bockers, frills, taffeta, sashes and luxe gold accents not to mention the David Bowie cameo.  Adore.


  1. LOVE this! The blonde was a very well known model- Carol Jackson, who was also on many covers of Vogue Australia in the early '80s... And I gotta say that a good friend of mine had that last black velvet suit with the gold cami from Headlines!!! Except hers was a wine/burgundy coloured velvet. She also had similar shoes I remember, but she had hair like the other brunette model...I remember she used to tease it up really big on one side (slicked back on the other- VERY 1982!) with this outfit.

    1. Thanks for the valuable info as always Eddi! I've added Carol Jackson to the labels now. Ooooh a teased side look with that outfit as you've described sounds absolutely gorgeous, now if only you had photos.... :)