Thursday, August 2, 2012

Norma Lissek Advertisement - POL Magazine November 1982

A sweet advertisement I picked out of this issue of POL Magazine from 1982.  I had a quick google search on the designer Norma Lissek and managed to find out she now buys for a little shop in Geelong which is quite cool that she's still doing what she loves.  I wonder what she'd think now of her designs here.  Personally I think they're sweet and I especially like the royal blue/white combo (top right in the first picture).


  1. Drop waists were very popular then they really haven't had a revival recently

    1. They were extremely popular - especially in 1982. Recently I have seen a few drop waist clothing pieces come in, there was a dress from Cue recently that had one but alas when I tried it on, it wasn't all that flattering. Maybe that's why they've remained in hiding.