Thursday, January 17, 2013

Suntan Vs. Reef Tan Advertisement - Dolly December 1983

By request, here is take 2 of the suntan vs. Reef tan advertisement spread.  I think this is the one that was in the pages of Dolly a lot during the early 80's and not the other one.  And in this one, those with the so called 'suntan' actually look better in my opinion than their oiled up counterparts.  That guy with the goggles looks pretty serious about the big debate though.


  1. That's it!! You're brilliant. My mind is eased now :) It was the girl on the far right that I so adored. And I had those exact bikinis (though they went missing around about the same time we had an underwear thief in the neighbourhood - I was devastated) Thank you, thank you :) Keep up the great work, I just love it.
    By the way, I saw there was already a Jen that comments, so from now I'll be Jen2 :)
    (Think the guy with the goggles might be using the blonde girl as a hostage)

    1. Hahahaha I actually didn't notice how aggressive goggle guy was with that blonde!